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S320 1997 misfire

I've got a strange problem with my W140. Straight six engine.
After cruising for more than an hour, on german autobahns, at 85mph+, I was suddenly forced to slow for bunched traffic. The engine misfired, would not pull at all. Stopped at the next park place and turned off the engine. After five seconds turned it on again and everything was clear. This happened twice more during that week. I wondered if it might be due to cold air, -10C, but I guess not.
Later on that trip a similar thing happened outside Madrid, but this time the air temperature was 22C, so its not a temperature related thing.
When I returned home I got the local M-B dealer to check what was stored in the computer. They tell me that it showed misfires on cylinders 1, 2 3 and 4. They had no idea what had caused my problem, and said that they had contacted M-B (UK) who had never heard of anything like it, as it was intermittent, and had no suggestion to make.
I have lost confidence in the car for high speed touring and would welcome any suggestion of a fix
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