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the latest...

There's 3 different types under that heading, all without pictures, of course, one says:

Spark Plug Connector
for Direct Coil Ignition
As used on M 104 motors,for cylinders 2,4 and 6. Fits directly on to coil . As used on M 111 motors,for cylinders 2 and 4. Fits directly on to coil .

The other says:

Spark Plug Connector
3 per car
Optional with 000 156 75 10.

these WorldPac inventory programs that everyone uses are horrible...they're ambiguous and never tell you what you need to know.

I just got my VMI from the local dealer. I just bought the car with 69K miles. The pneumatic actuator was done at 31,709 miles, the water pump at 32,535 miles along with temp sensor element, the engine harness was replaced at 42,877 miles (goodwill!) and cylinder head gasket was done at 66,203 miles (goodwill!). The orinial owner must have have a good relationship with his dealer. The local MB dealer just told me they would replace the EGR on the recall! Hopefully they won't charge me $400 to clean out the hot inlet pipe! I better clean it out myself because the CE light is triggered and I want to clean up everything BEFORE they combine it the EGR replacement and I get a whopping $500 bill, you know how service cost can esculate at a dealership. Thank you so much Arthur. Now I have to get a speedometer cable.
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