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Recently, my vehicle was in an accident. As you guys probably know by now, I drive a '95 M-B E420 (black pearl/black). The car was rear ended on the right-side of my rear bumper. The bumper is cracked and the metal body of my car behind the fuel cap or wheel well is bent inwards. The car has been takin' to M-B Canada's "official" bodyshop in North Vancouver, and from what the person at the bodyshop said, the damage is "serious" and will take 3 weeks to repair.

I know that you guys can't really interpret much from my description above, but from my impression of the damage, it seems as though the bumper simply needs to be replaced, and the body "hammered" (I hate that makes me cringe just typing it...ugh) back into shape? I just wanna know what exactly is this "hammering" process that they do...and it kinda scares me...will they get the car back EXACTLY the way it was before? It doesn't sound very I don't see how they go about doin' it...i.e. do they just take a "visual" sorta estimate as to what the car SHOULD be, or they got some sorta fancy measuring device to make sure everything is in place? I am also worried about the metal bar that held the bumper in place...did that bend during the accident, and how would it impact my car in the future? They will definitely replace it?I am DEFINITELY not in a good mood right now, so I should apologize beforehand for these questions which sorta ask more than what you guys can tell me without even seein' the vehicle. I guess I am just lookin' for some comfort and reassurance...I hate to get the car back and discover that the fuel door won't close, the paint is all messed up, the trunk won't close, odd welding marks when you look at the car from underneath, etc. etc...ugh...what a nightmare...I am UPSET, VERY UPSET...
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