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Originally posted by Duke1Law
By the way, I have a BRAND NEW starter for this same vehicle (works on the 94 and 95 models) that cost $230.57.

My friend that works for Mercedes educated me and we learned that my car did not need a starter, so I bought this thing from Mercedes (still in the box w/ receipt) for nothing. They won't take it back because "Sir, it's an electrical part and we don't accept returns on electrical parts."

Anyway, if anyone needs a brand new starter, the part number is: 004-151-70-01-88 and I'll take pretty much anything for it; I just don't like having crap laying around and not using it.

Of course I'll include a copy of the receipt as well, for verification. Ordered from Mercedes, so it's Mercedes, not aftermarket. Still in the box.
It's time for you to discover e-bay.. A great outlet for all of the stuff you have laying around that has value, but is difficult to find a buyer.. If you really want to sell it cheap.. I might buy it from you, and re-sell it.. You can also post in the sale forum on this site..
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