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Well, I just called the bodyshop in North Vancouver and he said the entire rear quarter panel will be replaced...i.e. they will weld on a new quarter panel (so no hammering)...he said the frame is bent in that area (ouch)...hmmmm...the co-ordinator called "James" said that the vehicle will be brought back to just how it looked coming out of the factory (why do I still doubt it though???). Anyhow, we'll see how it goes...

In terms of the accident, the young girl who rear ended me called in to ICBC (the insurance company) and took full responsibility for the incident and called to apologize for the entire thing. It was a nice gesture, nevertheless, I still feel somewhat upset and distraught over the entire thing. I guess nowadays, when you drive, you have to be careful about your own driving, and also compensate for other ppl's driving as well. I REALLY hope my car will be back to normal again...
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