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I hope someone can assist here. I recently replaced the water pump on my 190E 2.6. I had to remove the tandom pump which is both the power steering pump and the hydraulic pump for the ASD locking diff and rear axle level control.

I noticed that the ASD diff seemed too open afterwards, so I bled that by raising one rear wheel, starting the engine and attaching a hose to the bleeder on the diff. A few spins of the raised wheel and the computer kicked on solenoid in and presto... system bled, and quickly too.. lots os excess fluid beyond what the bleeder could hold.

Next, I decided to bleed the rear axle level control... it appears to have been a bad move. The car has always sat a bit high in the rear since new. The car is a 1993 190E 2.6 with Sportline package and Rear Axle Level control and now has 42K miles. I got plenty of aerated hydraulic fluid out and finally clear fluid. Problem is that the rear end sits noticeably lower now. So, what did I do wrong?? I don't think I could have damaged anything by doing this, but I'd like a second opinion about now.

Thanks, KM
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