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Ok, think I am getting a capacitor for the stereo to solve the voltage issues, now for the overheating:

As previously stated with all the repairs done by the PO and the ones I did last friday, I spent the day there as he tried to re-diagnose his incorrect initial diagnosis. 5 hrs later he tells me i need to replace the push button control unit of my ACC and that it is $880 CAD plus $100 for WTF now it is a $2000 job when it could have been 1000. He said the high speed fans are not turning on when the temp sensor requires them to be on. Checked switches, relays modules and sensors and they are all good, does this diagnosis make sense? Then the #$%^&* decides that I shouldpay $195 today for all the diagnosis work done today!!???
I told him I'd consult with another tech before I'd pay (you people being the other techs )

Please advise, as I don't have $1000 for repairs this month and it is hot out now, so other solutions would be great
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