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I finally got around to bringing my car back into the shop in order to see about the check engine light.
Previously, the ignition module (NOT cheap!) was replaced after loosing 4 cylinders out of the blue, while running a diagnostic test procedure on the airpump.
The error codes at this sitting were somewhere around 25! One of them I believed to be legit, which was the brake light switch - a few weeks ago, my ASR and ABS lights would come on at different times w/o provocation (they did stop coming on this past week). Another code proposed that the ignition module was bad (again). Now, I am told that the fuel injection wiring harness is shot, and needs replacing. Apparently the bad insulation gremlin reared it ugly head in that harness. The rest are apparently ok, although I am not sure if they have peeked at them of not.
If you do not suspect your harness(es) to be bad, then I would take a look at the caps and rotors.....might it be time to replace those?

Good luck...

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