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Sorry to complain, but it is still rather difficult to read from some of your pics - is that a vacuum gauge, tach?. In many cases, such as id on a part, or showing how something is assembled, etc, a pic really can be worth a thousand words. In this case, though, a few dozen would be lots better. All the meters are telling you is data, and tabulating it in text is far the easiest way to read it.

Now it is possible the equipment is hooked up wrong, and someone might spot that in a flawless pic, if true. That, though, might require the resources of a good photography studio. This automotive stuff often seems to be highly non-photogenic.

Anyway, IMHO. Don't want to offend, just to help you get your problem resolved. My meager input on your problem is that if mixture adjustment does not affect EHA current, you are open loop - no lambda control. Does your OVP work?

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