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They don't make it any harder

Hey Tinker,

Thank you for the tip of getting at the bolt, it sounds very painful but I guess there's no other way right now.
May be I will take your advise to do a compression test just to satisfy my curiosity however sometimes I really don't want to know the truce.
For the leak down test I haven't a clue. How do you do this and for what purpose? Please explain.
There were times that I wanted to get rid of this car and get me a newer M3 or GS400 so bad, but I have pumped in over $2000 in the past 6 months so I kinded got stuck with it.
Right if someone give me $2000 they can have the car as it.... I'm really tired of it.
Hey Tinker maybe you want to tink with it what do ya say??
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