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The guage is fuel pressure at the cold start valve port. It was steady at 5.5 bar falling to 3.5 bar with the engine off. The basics of the meter readings were a constant 39.3% on lambda except when it jumps to 96% and then returns to 39.3.% The eha readings are very active though. I tried to focus more on them than the lambda. OVP 'appears' to be working, I have power to the ABS and idle controller. Although the vacuum guage is not in the pictures, it read a steady 7.5 inHg. In addition, grounding the controller side of the O2 sensor through my body made no change to the EHA current. It's almost as if this thing is in 'partial' open loop. I have read that a fixed lambda reading in multiples of 10 indicates a fault, although I don't know what that would be for 40%.
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