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Dude, be wise and don't believe the hype. Never let emotions get the best of you, or you'll get hosed. Things that seem complex are typically very simple and things that seem simple, are usually complex.

Your solution:

Cleans and protects entire fuel system.
Guaranteed to restore maximum power and performance, eliminate rough idle, hesitation and knocking.

-Restores lost power and performance
-Eliminates hesitation, surging and rough idle
-Reduces harmful emissions
-Prevents pre-ignition knock
-Eliminates the need for higher octane gasoline (not applicable for us here since we must use premium)
-Prevents fuel system corrosion

-Fuel Injectors
-Combustion Chambers
-Intake Valves
-Intake Runners
-Cylinder Heads
-Piston Heads

Don't you spend a dime! Go to AutoZone and get some of this stuff. Put it in right before you're about to go driving. It cleans your fuel system completely, so it needs to be put in your tank, as your fuel system is about to be active. You don't have to go driving the entire tank of gas out in order for this to work, however, put a large amount of gas in the tank, pour a container of this juice in your tank and ride around some.

Eventually, your car will be so quick in responding to you 'gassing it' that you'll feel like you have a new engine. Take this from a 23 yr old that's been raped by mechanics.

Cars are like women: keep it simple and it usually works better.

The container will say "Once a year treatment."

So put this formula in there once. This "complete" fuel system cleaner is to be used once a year though, so at each oil change thereafter, simply put the Valvoline "Fuel Injector" cleaner in, when you perform each your next 3 oil changes. Then on the next (assuming you do 3,000K oil changes. If not, do the math yourself), put your "Once a Year COMPLETE" cleaner in there again.

Don't waste a dime doing anything else. This formula will cost around $20.

Be blessed dear friend! I am here to help others as much as possible. This board should be to help us get cheaper service, no matter what. We've been molested enough! And frankly, I'm tired of running the 'the man' for everything.

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