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Originally Posted by zloca944 View Post
Or could be that the return spring of the throttle(located on the inside of injection pump when you look the pump from the head side you will see it) has lost its strength and can not return the throttle.But 99% you will solve a problem by lubricating joints.
P.S.You have bad one or more glow plugs that is why glow plug light come ON when the engine is running.And your idle is good when it should be when hot 550-650rpm,when cold should be 150-200rpm higher.

Yes I know I have a bad glow plug, and need to check connections for EDS on the w140. I have a code reader box coming too.

I do see that itís sluggish when cold. Iíve read the cruise control (sometimes functional) can get sluggish and affect the return of the throttle. Not sure if thereís a more sluggish element in there.

Iíll pull the intake. I need to do so anyway.
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