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603 Glow Plug Local Availability

Anyone else have issues sourcing 603 glow plugs? I have two that are failed; pulled the intake, pulled the GPs, found out that parts stores dont have the right stuff.

Usually Id place an order with Pelican or another place. I took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday to get in there and pull the GPs, and check some other things. THis changes the speed that I wanted to be able to work... and required me to try to pick up a GP at someplace local.

The dealer said two days... An MB parts warehouse is maybe 30 minutes from me (I live in NJ).

Autozone has the wrong cross reference for a part (NGK GP). I went to a store that had it in stock and it was obviously wrong, and they couldnt do anything to rectify or find the alternative.

Amazon had shipped me one at an attractive price, in one day, but I needed two (one was 11kOhm, another was 225kOhm). They cant seem to get me another.

While my intake gaskets look fine, I also wanted to try to find a spare. Napa is the only place I could see that had one listed, and at a good price... But not available but for many days shipping.

If the dealer told me they would have the parts tomorrow, Id probably bite the bullet and cry once. Im not doing all the GPs. But the dealer being so slow surprised me too.

I know the simple answer is to buy from Pelican or someplace in advance. But that doesnt help right now. Anyone else having issues sourcing 603 GPs? Anyone have a good cross reference to use instead?
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