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Film and xray machines

Hey Guys,

I am back. I am going to do a full write up with pictures and post. But regarding film, incase anyone does a search on FILM this is my advice

No one will hand check your film, they dont care. Every machine I saw on my trip in europe said film safe or had a picture of a camera and said "ok" next to it.

I went through 4 x ray machines on my trip while in europe, and then on the way home, I went through 4 just from stuttgart to phoenix.

I would say the advice given about 5 times through the xray machine with 400 speed film is ok, because I went through 4 and I developed some pictures when I got back to the US and they were fine. I developed 25 rolls in europe, and man, my bag got really heavy, and I developed 10 rolls here in the US. I did buy some film over there. The best deal was about 3 USD for 36 exp kodak film. Not too bad. Try Mueller drug store or DM drug store, they have good prices on film.

The only airport that hand checked my film was phoenix sky harbor, but they only would hand check the 800 speed. The 400 speed they ran through the xray machine. The lady scanning my pictures at PHX said get a lead bag, put your film in it, and run it through the machine outside of your bags. They will look in, see its film, and not worry about it.

My best recommendation is buy your film in the US, and buy 400 speed. If you have to go through more than 4 or 5 xray stations, develop it, or send it via fedex or UPS to a friend or family member in the US because fedex and UPS don't Xray packages, only the postal service does.

Next time, I am going to take pictures and develop the rolls when I get back. However when you develop them on your trip you get to look at them and show them to people, and know that they are safe.
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