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W126 Tranny Fill Tube

I just had the tranny rebuilt in my '87 560SEL with great success and much improvement. One item of concern before the rebuild had been a leak at the connection between the dipstick/fill tube and the transmission. The mechanic who did the work pointed out to me that the tube is held in place only at the very bottom by one screw and sealed with an O-ring. Even after the rebuild, it will leak about 1/2 cup when the fluid is filled to the correct level and the seal breaks loose many times whenever the dipstick is removed to check the level. He suggested finding a replacement tube that has brackets for a top mounting as well (probably to the back of the block or head).

I stopped in at the local dealer's parts counter and was surprised to find that what I have with the single screw attachement is the standard equipment for my car. While there are other designs available that have upper attachment brackets, the man at the parts counter indicated that they were for other variants within the W126 model series and not the 560SEL.

My question: Does anyone know if one of the alternates DOES fit on my car and if so which one? I'd really like to replace the current tube with one that is better anchored and doesn't move around every time one checks the fluid level.


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