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I am feeling a little faint after reading the replys! Peter, you mention the factory getting involved? I can't believe they would do anything about an 8 year old car, let alone admit they had a serious problem with the 140's in this area (A/C). I am supposedly the second owner, the dealer I bought it from sold it new and it is the only car I bought from them. I did buy a new 99 C280 from the other dealer in town. I have owned a 86 300E, 81 380SL, 99 C280 and this 95 S420. There is no comparison to the "S" class as it is the ultimate driving machine to me. I bought it right, so I may just dive in and invest the $$ to get it fixed.

Any suggestions on how to go about contacting the Mercedes people? I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.

Thanks to all!
Mike T.
Snohomish, WA.
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