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Originally posted by 1991300SEL
My 300SEL has one pump. Some of the 103 equipped cars have 2 - not sure about yours.

Pump is $150-$300, depending on where you buy it. I can easily see this getting billed out as a 2 hr. job. $150 to $200 labor depending on where you live, so you could be looking at $300 to $500 unless you hire a shade tree type.

As was mentioned above, this is not too tough of a diyer job. Helps to back the car up on ramps - extra room to work.
Awesome.. thanks for the reply. My car has one pump. My mechanic has his own garage in the back of his house with new lifts. He has 26 years Mercedes experience and worked at a Mercedes dealership for years. I towed the car to his place.. said he will get a new bosch fuel pump. He says he only recommends using Bosch. He's charging me $320 to install a new bosch fuel pump as well as a fuel filter. Looks like I am in the ball park. He told me that he's only charging me $60 for labor since he's going to be asking my father for a hook-up at a dental clinic to have a crown fixed. So I guess thats why I am being treated extra nicely
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