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first of all,from experience,there are people that will inspect your car and write up everything from wrong clamps to "suspect" whatever is bad just to make himself look like he knows your auto. if your not sure about the condition of your car have your mechanic inspect it,no holds barred.
secondly, there are people who will nickel and dime the price down to get the best deal-decide on a low price and hold to it.
and never,never and never accept payments-as long as you hold title you are legally responsible for it-if the car gets totaled you will have "zero"!!sell it and forget it.
never have possible buyers come to your house,meet them in your neighborhood with a friend.never more than 1 test driver with you,go to the inspection,inspectors must know they will be responsible for anything they break and no inspection should take longer than 2-3 hours for $150.
i don't like valet parking,let alone having a stranger take off to inspection.
DUKE1 you are young aren't you? when it comes to $$$$ the question is not if you can trust somebody,known or unknown,the question is can i afford to lose my investment.
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