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Originally Posted by Alec300SD View Post
Boost gauge was not a factory optiion AKAIK.
The MityVac setup works well to verify boost on a short term basis.

To monitor boost, I have a Autometer 5904 mechanical boost gauge plumbed in 'Desert Rose'.
The gauge range is 0 to 35 psi, black background with white numbers, illuminated, with a red (not orange) almost factory look.

For the boost feed to the gauge, an ALDA banjo bolt (with a barbed fitting) from an '85 OM617A was used in place of the stock '78 ALDA banjo bolt.
Thick walled silicone vacuum hose was used to connect the gauge to the barbed fitting on the ALDA banjo bolt.

I meant the wastegate . I know a boost gauge wasnít. Iíve pumped them into cars before. On my 617 cars Iíve used them as tools to tweak the mechanical boost controllers Iíve installed (they were the rage on here 20 years ago!).

I use it as a tool and keep it tucked away. Donít want a big 2Ē gauge permanently mounted. I like the tiny 1Ē 0-15psi gauge I have in my 300cd, but I probably bought it 10 years ago and donít really remember from where!
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