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Originally Posted by compu_85 View Post
Does the line coming off of it hook into a vacuum solenoid, or does it loop around to the high pressure side of the turbo somehow?

The original .971 turbo has a vacuum wastegate. It's normally open, the computer sends vacuum to it to close the wastegate and make boost.

Some VWs with wastegates do something a bit different: The turbo has a standard pressure wastegate, which is set to open at like 10 psi. The computer uses a "vacuum" solenoid to regulate boost pressure to the turbo, keeping the wastegate closed longer so it makes around 14 psi.
I need to dig into that more. I think it is hooked up the normal way.

I tried to do a bit of an italian tune up today, I think I could feel boost coming on, especially at more than half throttle and higher speeds. Its a 4400lb car, so its not going to move the same way as a turbo in a lighter car will. The car moves effortlessly and sufficiently fast... But I still need to get a boost gauge on it...
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