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I Need Major Help Asap!!!

Hello Board,

Today I came out of my car and noticed a small puddle of coolant on the ground. I ignored it at first, and when I parked somewhere else, the puddle was HUGE!! I immediatley checked under the hood, all hoses were intact. IT looked like it was the water pump, but my water pump was replaced 6 months ago! I went to the mechanic that installed it and he did a compression test and looked for a leak. HE said that it was a freeze plug, and they rust over time, the cost for the "fix" $75. I have no money right now and depend on my car daily. I have added some "radiator stop leak" to my car and it has temporarily stopped the leak. Is there a freeze plug anywhere near the waterpump, the leak is on the right front of the engine. I need this fixed ASAP!

Any likely culprits of this coolant leak??

1987 mercedes 300E
1995 e320 conversion(hated the 300e grill)
HID/Xenon (D2S)
Keyless Entry
Monochromatic Paint (Custom Blue)
Smoked Tails
Flat Badged (front)
Debadged (rear)
custom "carbon fiber" console
18 inch HP EVO rims
Sold! Now I drive a Monte Carlo SS
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