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Diagnostic "CARB" module....any theories?

Part of the aggravation and frustration of this particular issue is the fact that, once the car leaves the dealership, it will run for about 1600km (1000mi) before the symptoms reappear.

The symptoms have not reappeared yet (about 400mi since leaving the shop) and the car appears to be operating flawlessly.

Some questions for the membership; theories, suggestions, any answer is appreciated.

a) I am wondering if the distance (or time) from the shop is actually the number of "drive cycles" that the DM module monitors. Is this possible?

b) Does it sound possible that the diagnostic module could be generating an intermittent voltage or current that is throwing the engine management system into a tizzy instead of triggering the MIL light?

c) Should the Diagnostic module trip the MIL light when the engine is misfiring, running so rich that the O2 sensor is sooty, and the exhaust looks like that of a Mack truck?

c) Does it sound reasonable that once the Diagnostic module is pulled, the values for the LH2SFI MAF sensor went to normal?

d) Is there a method to test the MAF sensor to determine if it is in spec or faulty?

I guess that I'm grasping, trying to understand what else could conceivably resolve this issue.

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