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Talked to the Mercedes dealer, confirmed what has been said about defective evaporators in this model. Quoted $4,000.00
for the job. Said Mercedes would not be of any help, car is too old.
Larry, thanks for the words of caution about jumping to conclusions, however, even on the remote chance it is NOT the evaporator, what ever is leaking is not accessible under the hood or the A/C shop would find it, wouldn't they? Mercedes will charge me a bundle just to check it out.

I am going on vacation for two weeks and will think it over. My inclination is to trade it in to another dealer. It will stay charged for about 10 days or so, so it will work when they try it. I wouldn't feel a bit guilty about it as I am sure they knew of the problem when the sold it to me. I would never sell it to private party and not divulge the problem. I wish now that I had never stepped up to the S class as it spoiled me for any of the others!

What specific years to avoid this problem again? Also, is the S600 V12 97-99 a car to stay away from due to maintenace issues?

Mike T.
Snohomish, WA.
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