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85 190 sunroof repair breakthrough

well... I've been living without the headliner for the sunroof for about a month since posting subject line "85 190 sunroof repair". And then it occured to me (no not to go out and buy the cd not that smart yet) I had part of the answer. I had said that the gold clip was in bad shape, and the black cross bar that went across was bent upwards slightly from having the cable wrenching on it. When you bend it you in effect make it shorter, imagine the changes in length of the base of an isosceles triangle as you vary the top angle. anywhoo, I also I think posted that only one side in the back would go down at a time, this was the clincher although I didn't know it then. So I realized that the black cross bar was in bad shape and might be contributing to the problem and took it out, held onto what are probably lifts although I dont have a diagram but they are the neat little pieces on the sides that help raise the sunroof up. Yeah, taking out crossbar and pushing back lightly on the lifts on both sides and there you have it, a roof that hasn't opened in God knows how many years is open. So I bent back the black cross bar and put it back in as this is the part that holds the roof up and closed in a nifty way. So I need a new clip and possibly a new cross bar and I think I am just about home free but... here is the working hypothesis on the cause of all the trouble. The roof only slides back until say four inches are still sticking out, in a fully working car it probably goes all the way into the roof of the car. So the PO probably didn't like the fact that it wasn't going all the way back and took it in. Someone probably got in there and went wreching on the manual retraction nut and nearly tore the roof of the car off in the process breaking the clip, bending the cross bar, figuring out that he/she messed up they closed it somehow and said, lets do something else. I am close to having a working sunroof and I went to work today and had it opened cuase I can do it manually with the headliner out!!!!!!! pretty cool. I could use some tips for reinstalling the clip 'cause I can see that the cable doesn't move much in the track and there isn't too much space to work in there... so if you have put the cable into the clip onto the cross bar I would sure appreciate some help or advice!

1985 190e 2.3
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