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Tinker you have changed my mind

Hey Tinker,

Tinker, You've really changed my mind about given it up on this car. You're absolutely right about the performance and how rare of this 16V. I bought this car from an original owner when it has 114K miles in 1995. All and all, it has given me so much fun and pround. I guess we all tend to take the hard time too harsh, and inadvertedly forget the good time that we had.

Anyway, this weekend my goal is to swap out the timing chain and rail and tensioner.

Do you think I can rent the leak down test equipment at an autopart place? I don't have an air compressor.

As you know the timing cover is between the head and the oil pan. How do I go about the head gasket and the oil pan gasket?? I hope I don't destroy the head gasket and the oil pan gasket while removing the timing cover!!!

Thank you for the explaination to the purpose of the leak down test, I really appreciated that.

Hey DaveCt, I've got my courage back and will try to get this car back on the road. Thank you for your interest in the car. Where about are you in Ct? I'm in Danbury. We should get together for a ralley sometimes this Summer.

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