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Not that easy..
If they put dye in it when it was recharged , they would have a better chance of finding a leak, but you do not mention this..
What Larry is saying , and I agree... Put the dye in and then look for leaks .. an under hood leak w/light will now be more evident and easier to find..the dye is not just to test evap.
It will test the whole system...
I have seen many under hood connection leaks that showed after dye testing that did not show with a snifer or observation.
Many times , the recharger just visually looks for signs of oil at connections and calls that a leak test..
I would try the dye..and give it a couple of weeks to show..
A high side leak will show up more when a/c is on [ more pressure in that part of system] and a low side [evap] , tends to leak more when a/c is off..[ more pressure in evap when a/c is off]
[The reason for my other post of snifer after leaving car overnight for testing evap]
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