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Steve, Thanks for the clarification

As you probably realize, the techs and service reps are ready to weep when they see the car in their lot.

I am trying to remember anything that may have a cause or effect, that may help these gentlemen.

I asked about the "drive cycles" trying to relate them to the number of times the car is started and shut off after the car is released from the shop. The tech indicates that each time, he clears the DM module before I get the car.

The thought that I had in mind relative to the "drive cycles", was that the symptoms "appear" to occur roughly the same number of miles/days into my work week. I guess I was trying to translate that into some sort of a relationship to "drive cycles" after the DM module is cleared.

What has everyone stymied is the fact that the car will go just about the same number of days/miles when it leaves the shop before the symptoms appear.

Weather and ambient outside temperature don't seem to have a determining effect.

Thanks to all, suggestions welcome

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