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Well, I've finally decided to take the plunge into W140 ownership. And since I'm going this "deep" I figured a V-12 powered specimen would be the choice. I will be trading both 420SELs and our '93 300E in for a one owner 70,000 mile 600SEL which has all service records (A/C evap done! whew!) and has never seen the light of winter. Yeah, it's an early one but hell, whatever problems arise, I'll just stay late at the shop a couple nights

I also am potentially going to be adding a beautiful 1960 190SL to the stable. As we speak I'm waiting for the necessary paperwork to be done and once it follows through, I'll update everyone as to the status. I'm definitely looking forward to one more vintage in the barn. This particular car is silver over black and I just put a clutch in it so at least we know that works good!

Other than the above news, not much else is new. My hand is gradually feeling better and we're busy as hell at the shop. I'll be driving the 380SE down this week to diagnose an illuminated Antilock light and to take care of a few other minor things on my list before winter storage. The 300SD is still truckin hard at 188,000 miles and I'm hoping for an easy winter so the body won't fall apart come spring. Oh, and I got to drive a new CLK 55 which was quite an awesome experience. Definitely a recommended hot rod for those super coupe guys out there.

The 450SL is still awaiting a new timing chain, tensioner and rails (looks like it's gonna have to wait until next spring). The 250SE, the 745i and the Jensen have gone into winter hibernation and the DeLorean is still leaking oil. So what else is new?

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