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Re: Problem Filling Tank of W210 Car

Originally posted by okc329
Isn't there supposed to be some way for the air in the empty tank to escape as you fill it? I assume it would be some part of a closed system so that gasoline vapors are captured?
There is a small hole/vent about 2 to 3cm back from the tip of the fuel nozzle on any gas pump...while you fill your car, the air/vapours escape through this your tank fills, the oil level will rise beyond the hole, at which point no air is escaping, causing the pump to shut off/click...I always associated the pump shutting off prematurely as something bein' wrong with the pump itself, or I did not have the nozzle properly inserted...but obviously, if it is consistently doin' it at various pumps, there may be something more serious (hopefully, it is not with your car)...may I suggest tryin' another station, or bringing up the problem with the manager of the station you frequent? They are usually very willing to help out regular customers...
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