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Question Engine Missing problems

Hi everyone!

I just signed up to the forum and this is my first posting. Hope y'all can help!

On my 94 C280, which I bought just two months ago, I am having some intermittent engine missing problems. I think they may be related to the wiring harness, maybe. The car has 100K miles, and it looks new all over, but I have no maintenance records from 70k to now. For prior history I just have the MB service book.

Basically, this has happened on two ocassions once yesterday, once the day before: After driving for about one hour in rainy conditions, the engine starts to miss badly, both at hi speed/rpm and at low/idle. It didn't completely die when at a stop light, but it sure felt like it was going to. When accelerating from a stop it was very sluggish. It did make it home, though. This morning it ran fine all during my 80 mile commute to work. I just hope the problem does not reappear before I can look into it this weekend...

I haven't started to troubleshoot it yet, but I will start by checking spark plugs and wires. After that, what would you suggest?

Thanks in Advance!!!
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