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Try Bayshore Auto Body

Just up the 101 from you. Their work on my 300SD is here. Net, net, I think you may find it cheaper to have a (reasonably priced) pro do it if you want a decent job.

Call Don Hamblin at (650) 344-7010.

I paid $400 for the roof strip and respray (took out the sliding part for them). I would guess $2000 for the whole car, PPG paint, professional quality. Now that's more than good HVLP gear, but where are you going to find a good dust free shop?

You may be able to get away with just doing selected panels - Don did a great job of matching my slightly faded paint.

I'm going to get him to redo the bumpers next - $200 each, he does the R&R.

The Tim Phillips (Blu420SEL) variations were a bit of fun Tim had with Photoshop - cheapest paint job I ever got!
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