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Early (pre 1999) SLK's had a design flaw in the brake light bulb socket, requiring the socket (and possibly the harness) to be replaced with an improved design. Your MB dealer should be aware of the service bulletin from MB and be able to help. Even if your warranty is up, it is a saftey item and a design flaw, so it should be handled free of charge if this is indeed the problem. Paul.

Oops! Forgot to mention, the reason your car is fine upon start-up is because your car won't sense the break in the circuit until you apply the BRAKE (sometimes, several times). It is actually an intermitent short and that is why it can sometimes take several applications of the brake. Once the short circuit is detected, the interior warning light will not go off until you shut the vehicle off, and reset the system, even though the lights will appear to be working fine when observed from the outside.

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