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It could be your engine wiring harness, but I'd go to any Mercedes dealer to see if there is a record of its replacement in the system. Have a dealer run a VMI (vehicle master inquiry), which shows a record of all warranty / recall work done on the car. You can also check the harness yourself if you feel comfortable doing that.

Another likely suspect is a bad connection between the resistor boot and the coil wire. These engines use non-resistor plugs like old VW's and Porsche's. The resistance is in the boot or coil wire end. It basically connects the coil wire to the spark plug. Your engine, like other M104 engines, doesn't use spark plug wires and a distributor. It uses a "coil pack", and three coil wires which connect directly to three spark plugs, and piggy-backs to the next spark plug via a high tension lead. The coil wires rarely, if ever, go out. The spark plugs are to be replaced every 30,000 miles. Whenever there is a miss problem, the most common culprit is the resistor boot.

Last, the Mass Air Meter and / or throttle actuator can cause similar problems.
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