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Originally posted by mike690003
I took the car to TWO very reputable MB shops. Both The mechanic s basically said that since the "Radiator stop leak" stopped the leak, That I should just live with it like that. They said If that stop leak worked, then the hole must not have been that big.

Anyone have some advice for me??
What should I do?
Well, you sound like you really don't have $ if the leak is stopped for the time being...I would live with it until my next paycheck, at which point I would prioritize $75 to replacing the plug and fluid (I am guessin' the funds will come around maybe in a week or two? maximum a month?)...but I would not just "live with it" indefinitely like what the mechanics suggested...that is quite irresponsible...and like what the others said, it will probably get worse down the road...
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