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and now for the update.. the lysol did the trick! well, i am now smelling "water fall" smell but i will take that over the a/c odor. to be fair, i don't know if the lysol scent is over-powering the a/c odor. (ie. the a/c smell is still there but i just can't smell it because the lysol scent is so strong.) whatever the case might be, i don't smell the foul a/c odor.

i initially used a product called ozium (has anyone heard of it?) it was the product that my local dealer used but it appears like lysol was a better choice to get rid of the a/c smell. i am also going to turn the a/c to "ec" mode a few blocks from home.

thanks all.. i will give a long-term update as the lysol scent wears out. maybe the a/c smell will come back or maybe not.

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