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What now??? Voltage Regulator???

Got my speedometer for the SL back today after sending it off to be rebuilt. Installed the speedometer in the cluster, connected all the wires and stuck the cluster back in the dash.

Temp gauge is pegged. Fuel gauge is pegged. Oil gauge appears to be working normally. Speedo, Tach and clock all working as they should. Turn signals not working 98% of the time, and when they do the cluster lights flick off and on opposite the turn signals. Get one turn signal working and the hi-beam light and other turn signal light in the cluster also blink at the same time. Weird...

Have tried "clearing" the turn signal problem by turning the emergency flasher off and on, since I understand the turn signals and some other functions run through the Emergency Flasher. At times after turning the flasher switch off and on the turn signals will work...only briefly though... but the cluster lights flicker off and on. Also, when using hi-beam the cluster lights dim. When the turn signal does work, the cluster lights also dim.

Initially, when the emergency flasher blinked off and on, the temp, fuel, and oil gauges would "blink" in sync with the flasher. That's not happening now though.

All other electronics...headlights, radio, wipers, climate control lights, etc., are working normally. Problem seems to be in the left side of the cluster and the turn signals.

All suggestions appreciated!
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