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Question ??HELP over heating, leaking transmission

Hi all,
2 weeks ago I had my 300e's rear up on jack stands overnight and noticed a pool of transmission fluid in the drive way the next morning. I know the it wasn't leaking when the car was on leveled ground. Today has been the first time I have started it since. As it was warming up, I started adding a few onces of trans fluid at a time. Because I read other post state that the car should be driven for a short time to top off the trans fluid...I did just that. After taking it for a quick spin, I topped it off. I then took it for another drive and noticed that the temp would rise sharply when gasing it. (up to a 100 degrees maybe a little more) then drop back to 80 when coming to a stop or driving slowly. (30mph) Could the transmission still have needed more fluid?? What is the proper way to fill the transmission and what steps do I take refilling after I find the leak and change filter/gasket???

*note: I have owned the car for only 2 months and have only driven it about 5 times since.

I know the temp gauge wasn't fluctuating perviously. I think it has something to do with the transmission and fluid.
Please advise!!
Thanks all,
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