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Well, I think that the ol' engine is beyond the help of a quick glow kit. The compression was, front to back; 230, 230, 280 and 245. The back cylinder had an exhaust valve that was slightly too tight, but the others did not require adjusting.

The glow plug bores were not crudded up, and the loop type plugs all checked okay, not shorting to shell or bore.

I got it mostly back together last night before it was dark, and was too tired to do any more anyway, so I didn't even drag out a droplight. My shop is full, between the 300E being torn down, and the Vette and C taking up most of the rest of it, the ol' girl is stuck outside, and now I suppose will be left to Rest in Peace.

I will finish putting it together, but I'm sure it will still not start when it cools below about 60 degrees.

My son has been driving it as an interim car, he'll just have to find something else.

Thanks for your help, and I'll let everyone know if any miracle healing takes place. After I get the 300E back on the road, I'll get back to tearing apart the original 240D motor and do exploratory surgery.

Thanks and have a great day,

Larry Bible
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