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Coolant Bleed Port for C230....?

Does anyone know if there is a coolant bleed port on a 00 C230 engine? I flushed out the coolant and replaced it about a month ago in my wifes car, everything went well, found the block drain no problem, everything seemed ok at the time except for one thing and that is how much coolant I was able to get back in it. It seemed to be far less than what came out. The other symptom is the car is running a bit hotter these days, I have it mixed 50/50 (which was the mixture before I drained it).

By hotter I mean the temp. gauge never went more than a needle width above the 80 mark, now it regularly sees 90.

I know these temps are not "out of limits", but what does concern me is that they are "different" from what they were for 50k miles. So I'm wondering if maybe I have an air block in there or if there is a bleed screw that I overlooked.

Thanks all in advance
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