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Ha! had no idea you could get a Bosch generic part through FastLane. I guess if you don't ask....

Anyway, I am concerned about the large value difference you measure from what I believe I did - double check the two when you get the part. I wrote what I remembered, but since I was only conerned with comparing new/old, I didn't write it down at the time.

If you do see such a large difference, though, measured right at the board tabs, then you may have a problem directly substituting the part. Bosch used a different value for a reason, probably due to the source requirements in the ECU. If somebody can supply new/rebuilt Bosch complete airflow meters, the correct pot must be available somewhere.

Look for subtle differences between the boards - jumpered pads, a separate resistor (about 2200 Ohms) connected between outer board tabs, etc. Maybe they only make one board, but change the part# as they mod the installation.

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