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92 300E: Getting it Started & MPG

When I'm starting up in the morning, it doesn't start right up; I have to give it a little bit of gas. I just got one of the full fuel system cleaners, and I poured it into my tank when I filled up yesterday. Seems to have helped a bit so far, I drive alot so I already used a quart of my tank. Is there anything else I should take a look at?

Ok, other than that, the car has 173k mi on it, and is still running smoothly. I've gotten pretty great gas mileage, with my lowest being 19.82mpg and my best being 26.4mpg, and averages 22.46mpg (I'm keeping all of the info on my handheld, with a mileage calculator I have). I'm pretty sure that's very close (if not being) the sticker mileage when originally sold. The car is bone-stock, nothing has been done to it other than regular maintenance (I even have the service manual. and yes, the service tags have been pulled out according to their proper dates and mileage, with accompanying paperwork. I have so much info its like I bought this car for the original $44,819 it was sold for (also have that paperwork .)). Is there anything from the aftermarket world I should consider to improve gas mileage or performance?

Thanks guys
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