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You might want to read through this thread from "that other site."

If you read through to the end, you'll see that OP had eventual success with the "procedure" discussed in the thread and switching to a 5W-40 oil (often the independent shops fill with 0W-40). I'll note that the OP in the thread had the M112 V-6 as opposed to the M272 V-6 in yours, but there have been other posts over the years on that site discussing using the same procedure and switch to 5W-40 for the M272. I was too lazy to search in more detail, honestly.

Also, I'm sure you know this already, but these motors can lose a lot of oil due to leaking cam plugs and a leaking crankcase breather/oil separator.

Anyway, I'm not saying the procedure discussed in the thread will work for you, and I've no experience trying it, but it seems to have helped some folks. I haven't had the oil consumption issue with my E350 wagon with the M272; it has about 150,000 miles on it now. I've never followed the FSS notifications since I bought it in 2008; 12,000 miles/1-year seems like an awful long time to me. I just do the oil and filter every 6 months, regardless of mileage. Yes, I'm probably wasting money doing so, but it's an easy schedule to stick with.

I hope you're able to solve the issue without having to spend a lot or replace the car. Best of luck.

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