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Timing cover stuck hard!!! Help


Finally, I got the A/C bracket off, and also the harmonic balancer and crank shaft pulley off. I got the nut to loose by using a 27mm socket, a breaker bar supported by a jack stand then carefulley using the starter to turn the engine over little bitty at a time.

I then removed all of the bolts that I think has to do with the timing cover. But the dame cover is stuck there hard and I mean it. I even using a sliding hammer puller but to no avail.

What is going on guys??? Am I missing some thing here? The dawn thing is stuck there good. This sliding hammer puller is a very good size, I used this to pull axels off of lots of cars.

I also broke the Pulse generator. What is the main function of this Pulse generator do?? Can I still drive the car without it?

Please help...

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