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more info

vrsmith, the car is still out there...california highway patrol put a 72 hr grace period sticker on it. it's kind of on an off-ramp where truckers sleep. not too worried about it getting stolen or stripped, but it could happen. it's getting moved to a safe spot tomorrow. the plan is to drive it in reverse to a local shop i've been talking to. we're going to lower the tranny, check the b-2 piston, then decide whether we just need to replace the piston or replace the whole tranny. rebuilt tranny is $1600 - $500 core. shipped from los angeles. piston is $155 from local dealer. question to throw out there..

marshall booth, the diesel doctor, said it might be the b-2 band as opposed to the b-2 piston. if it's the b-2 band, i'm probably going to just replace tranny. so here's the question:

When I remove the B2 piston, will I be able to tell if it's faulty? Will it be broken? Worn out? In pieces? Binding somewhere?
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