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Originally Posted by RobertFini View Post
. . . but the oil is all over the front of the engine and those bits are at the rear. I will replace the oil filler cap, despite it not looking terrible, and see what effect that might have.
If the oil leak is on the front of the motor, and the oil cap doesn't make a big difference, you may want to look at the oil filter housing. On my M272 that started leaking pretty badly, enough to make a mess down the front of the motor and in the belly pan under the car. The shop that diagnosed mine changed out the housing because the housing had a crack in it. I believe they said sometimes you can just replace the gasket. The housing wasn't too expensive but I imagine it's even cheaper if all you have to replace is the gasket. I want to say they mentioned changing out another seal as well during the repair (oil cooler, maybe?) but I can't say for sure; it was back in 2013 and they didn't write it down on the receipt, it was presented to me as kind of a "while we did this we also threw in this" type of thing.

Good luck!
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