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I know you wouldn't send me on any wild goose chase, I like to stay open minded to other peoples ideas, especially since I'm the one looking for help!!

I agree with your self bleeding theory based upon 2 or 3 heat cycles, so I am doubting there is any air in the system. But I can't explain the higher than "normal" running temps. As you know I don't have an engine running too hot, I merely have a different/higher running temp. that makes no sense.

I removed the thermostat when I was flushing the block out and was careful to install the bleeder port (in the thermostat) exactly where it was when I removed it. So that isn't part of this unexplained higher than normal running temps.

It's got me scratching my head because it makes no sense..on one hand I think it's got an air pocket, but on the other hand, after about a month, it should have bled itself.....Don't you think?

I'm confused, maybe I'm due for a BEER, it's Friday so I'm due for a couple
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