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Spacers/adapters, installing BMW wheels?

Okay I tripped across a beautiful set of BMW wheels/tires for a very good deal, and was under the wrong impression these were compatible with Mercedes and purchased the set. Perfect size tire and wheel for my W211 wagon.

Now I find adapters prolific and cheap but for Mercedes they are either a tricky fit or discontinued or not made, and in any case not cheap but twice the price. There are comments about using them on other forums but its not widely done. And the good shops dont seem to touch this option.

My suspicion is that its the litigious nature of MB owners and the wisdom of sellers to just say no to this market, as well as their purist leanings that avoid anything potentially damaging to our darling MB babies.

No worries, I can easily sell the set and make a little in the process but I really like these very fresh high-end tires and the beautiful alloy wheels which are a great improvement for my car, so if there is a fitment option to adapt the wheels with minimal spacer and a bolt adapter to the 5 by 120 BMW spacing and hub diameter which is also just a bit more than the mercedes, please help?

And if this is a bad idea with nothing but complications and damage to offer, let me know. But I see the spacer market is prolific for all the Hondas and jeeps and corvettes and BMW/Audi and Porsche so I suspect its just this Mercedes market that is the issue, not mechanical engineering but the socio-economics of Mercedes.

Thanks again for the great forum.
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