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Originally Posted by Felching View Post
First, 1.7bar absolute pressure, not gauge pressure.
That is the 0.7bar (psi) specified in the service manual.

Second, running with the wastegate closed is extremely bad. Its there for a reason, that turbo is not designed to operate without a wastegate, you're severely overspeeding the turbo and putting your engine at high risk of damage when it will fail.
People have run it up at 17psi after disabling the overboost protection valve. The real issue is the stock compressor wheel acts more like a heater above 13psi and it just isn't efficient. This does increase the chance of the compressor wheel grenading.

10 to 12psi is the sweet spot for the stock turbo. I know people who have run a non stock turbo and intercooled up to 22psi with extra fuel. However that is a deep rabbit hole to dive into.
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