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Are you working on the Enterprise? What the heck is a pulse generator???

You SHOULD use/rent a engine hoist to lift the motor. Read the post from the short cut I previously posted. You get it as high as it will go (until the trans hits the tunnel) and then wedge wood between the motor mounts and frame, as Benzmac suggested, to hold it up. I rented the hoist to get mine up, but used a jack and several pieces of wood on the aluminum oil pan to lower it (quickly). If you raise it by the pan, you rick cracking or damaging the pan $$$$$$$.

I could not get the pickup tube off without removing the pan, but another member got his off without removing the pan. Try as hard as you can to get it off without removing your pan. I would strongly recommend that you replace the pan gasket and use the MB sealant for the chain cover. The head gasket will be fine as it only seals the top of the timing cover. Just be gentle with it.

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